What is art and creativity life coaching?

Coaching is for everyone. Many people are looking for a place to go for growth, support, and a positive, powerful change. If you want a better life, it starts with a shift in thinking. Partnering with a coach can help with clarity, mindset, and your state of mind. Coaches have no agenda except to help you get the results you want and support you as you connect and listen to you inner voice.

It can be hard to know where to begin, whether in making a life change or in making art. It’s hard to keep an art practice going or to try and change patterned habits. There are so many pulls in our lives, so much to distract us, and, often, an inner critic who gets in the way. 

This is where art and creativity come in. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from a creative approach to problem solving. Unlike therapy, the focus is on the present and moving forward versus healing or getting over something from your past.  Using art allows for solution-focused conversations around creative play in a relaxed, accepting environment, opening you up to your potential and the transformation skills you have deep inside you.

The coaching process challenges you to take the time to focus on what you really want.  It helps you recognize and break through what is holding you back from experiencing the fuller life you choose.