About Anna Murfin

When I was at art college one of my professors said, “Sometimes when all other forms of communication have failed, art is all that is left.”

This struck me as an inalienable truth, and these words have stayed with me for many years. Sometimes we are all screaming inside and nobody can hear us. Art and creativity is our voice, our scream, our way of shouting to be heard. It is often the only way we can express authentic communication.

I’ve been there. I’ve been that person who looks at that piece of blank paper and doesn’t know where to begin. I’m not a “natural artist” with an “innate” talent. I didn’t know how to do art or access my creativity, but I wasn’t going to give up until I figured it out. I am, basically, stubborn and refused to take no for an answer. Every step of my continuing creative journey has been me pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and being truly terrified of not knowing what I was doing.

Along my journey, I have been so lucky to have met amazing, generous artists and craftspeople who have helped me on the path to both art and self-discovery. They have given me the gifts of their time, knowledge, and belief that I was an artist regardless of what I actually thought.

I want to pass on these gifts that have been so generously given to me by the creative people who touched my life:  Pay it forward. Help other people unlock their creative side that is just waiting to burst free.

I am an award-winning, internationally exhibited artist, a teacher, an educator, an inspirator, and now I am YOUR personal coach. I have been teaching art and creativity classes for upwards of ten years as well as working on my own professional art practice. I work in multiple mediums – from clay to watercolor, textiles to acrylic painting. I will use my skills and knowledge of these art forms to help and guide you to an understanding that everything is interconnected; one medium informs another. Similarly, everything about us is connected: the way we feel, the way we see, the way we touch, the way we view the world.

I will guide you to your own personal lightbulb moment, an epiphany of understanding that unleashes your inner artist.

Release your fear and allow yourself to be creative.

Let me help you start your creative journey.

Photo of Anna Murfin holding a mug she created